7 Study Abroad Stories to Fire Up Your Wanderlust

July 9, 2021

study abroad stories

Studying abroad is perhaps one of the most transformative experiences of your life, and it can also be very intimidating. That being said, don’t let your anxiety prevent you from experiencing your best life. That is why, today I bring you 7 incredible study abroad stories that will motivate you to fasten your seatbelt, start making arrangements to study abroad, and just go. These study abroad experiences come from across the globe – and the scope of study abroad possibilities – from internships in remote Peru to studying a foreign language in the world where it is spoken. 

So, make yourself a hot cup of cocoa, settle into a comfortable seat, and read through these inspiring study abroad stories, and begin researching how you, too, might make it possible.

Everything about London makes you want to buck up and pull on your big girl pants. When I first learned of a study abroad course, it seemed a little intimidating. My last hours in the United States were among some of the greatest nerve-racking moments of my existence. There were numerous opportunities for fun, design, and theatre in London for me. Prior to this journey, I had never taken a bus, let alone by myself. But, luckily, maps of the lines and roads are pretty much everywhere, so getting around was easy. My newfound experience allowed me to visit not just the standard tourist attractions such as The Eye, Tower London, and Buckingham Palace, but also numerous musicals and plays. 

– A student from Monmouth University

I had a 40-minute walk from my house to school; when I first landed in Spain and checked Google Maps, I was worried that I might have to take a bus or ride to get to class on time. During my later weeks in Spain, I started taking fast-cuts to and from class in order to keep my trip as long as humanly possible. I moved as slowly as I could, taking in every scent, image, sound, and sensation of wandering through the most magnificent city I have ever seen. I recommend everybody to take the “long-cuts” home and enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy every single moment and never take anything for granted.

– A student from Seville

Many people in America believe that if you’re in America, you should be fluent in English. Since returning from the United States, I’ve been even more compassionate with those who are adapting to the American culture and might not be fluent in English. English is likely to be more difficult to understand than Japanese because most Americans aren’t as keen to help immigrants. All I encountered in Japan appeared eager to help me in getting where I wanted to go.

Studying abroad was not just an eye-opening experience in that it enabled me to see and experience another world, but it also provided me with a different perspective on my own. I realize so many people are put off by the cost of studying abroad, but it is an opportunity that I believe everybody should have. With a little learning, you’ll discover that studying abroad isn’t as costly as it seems, and it’s well worth every cent.

– A student from Japan

After a difficult freshman year at another university, I moved to Spain in the hopes of getting a decent college experience. Although I enjoyed this country, since I commuted and did not participate in any clubs, I never developed the strong group of mates I would have wanted to. My father proposed that I study abroad, and I agreed to give it a shot. I’ve never had a more unforgettable moment in my life. Via this course, I’ve seen some incredible locations and encountered some incredible people. I strongly advise every student to study abroad.

– A student from Spain

My whole way of going about problems has changed. The disparity between societies, I believe, was the impetus for this shift in my thought pattern. You gain a global outlook to know there is much more going on in the universe than you could possibly imagine.

– A student from Berlin

Hawaii told me that experiences are my passion, and my boyfriend explained to me that I can work digitally, which became my current career direction. After returning to Germany, I launched a travel blog about which I am really enthusiastic, as well as focused on my online company. So, in conclusion, the study abroad experience sparked a new love and totally transformed my life.

– A student from Hawaii

Last summer, I decided to go on an exciting journey to Italy. I faced a lot of new challenges as well as new insights that would improve my spontaneous perspective on life. Studying abroad enabled me to widen my horizons while also forcing me to move outside of my usual environment for a short period of time. Being alone in a totally new country forces you to mature.

I did not go through this encounter with either of my closest mates. Now that I’ve had this beautiful encounter, I realize I’m more capable of grappling with adversity and coping with any circumstances. Studying abroad demonstrates that you are an excellent person who is not scared of transition or getting outside of one’s comfort zone. I strongly advise you to study abroad and I am certain that you would have an enjoyable experience as I did.

– A student from Italy

Study Abroad Stories – Takeaway

The greatest memories are made around a campfire or while you’re up until the wee hours of the morning with your bestie, so this is your opportunity to make the most of your time abroad and encourage others to follow in your tracks.

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With her expertise in the study abroad space, Shreya has worked closely with EdTech leaders like Unacademy, upGrad, Shiksha, and CollegeDunia. She knows her way around words, both written and spoken, which is also her strongest suit. A passionate learner and a mentor, she is often found passing her knowledge to young minds.
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