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July 15, 2021

study in United Kingdom

As you must already know, the United Kingdom is sometimes collectively referred to as the UK, Britain, or sometimes England. With a land area of 242,900 km2, the United Kingdom is about half the size of Spain and marginally less than the state of Oregon in the United States. The United Kingdom has a total population of 66.8 million (as of 2020), with London serving as the capital and largest city. The pound sterling, also known as the pound (£, GBP), is the primary currency of the United Kingdom. Each pound is split into 100 pence (£1 = 100p). To study in United Kingdom, you need to know more about the country’s economy, government, geography, and more. So, let’s find out!


The United Kingdom is a nation-state off the edge of mainland Europe’s northwestern coast. England is mainly lowland, with upland and mountainous areas seen just northwest of the Tees-Exe axis. Lowland regions are usually traversed by sets of low hills and flat fields, which are frequently made of chalk. Scotland is the hilliest country in the United Kingdom, and its geography is marked by the Highland Boundary Fault. The geography of the United Kingdom is dynamic and varied as a consequence of its exposure to a multitude of plate tectonic activities over a long period of time.

study in united kingdom

Study in United Kingdom: Climate

If you plan to study in United Kingdom you should know that the climate in the United Kingdom is temperate. In general, this suggests that Britain experiences cold, rainy winters and humid, rainy summers. It does not experience the spikes of temperature extremes, drought, or storms as other climates do. The climate is therefore very unpredictable. The climate in the United Kingdom is not the same in every region.

London, located in the southeast of the United Kingdom, has a dry and warm climate in the summers and a cool dry climate in the winter. Cumbria, in England’s rugged north-west, has normally colder conditions and more rainfall during the year.


The Government of the United Kingdom, also known as Her Majesty’s Government is the country’s central government. Parliament is the sole governing entity of the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister is the head of government, and he or she is appointed by becoming the leader of the majority group in the House of Commons.

Since 2010, the UK has been governed by a Conservative-led coalition. The Prime Minister and all their other senior ministers are members of the Cabinet. The ministers are liable to the House which they represent; they make speeches and answer queries from representatives of that House.

study in united kingdom

Foreign Relations

Britain aspires to follow an ambitious and activist foreign policy, collaborating with other countries and expanding the rules-based international order in favor of its ideals. It makes use of the global diplomacy network to defend and advance UK interests around the globe, maintains and expands Britain’s diplomatic presence in particular fields in order to form a distinct British foreign policy centered on national interests.

The United Kingdom aims to maintain a good, close, and forthright partnership that provides tangible benefits to the state, as well as to promote British national interests through successful EU policy in focus areas, engaging in a constructive manner while maintaining national sovereignty. 


The United Kingdom’s economic freedom value is 78.4, ranking it seventh in the 2021 Index. Its overall score has dropped by 0.9, owing primarily to a reduction in judicial effectiveness. The United Kingdom is ranked third among 45 countries in Europe, and its total ranking is higher than the regional and global averages.

Consistent prosperity has propelled Britain’s economy, since former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s market reforms in the 1980s, to the fifth highest in the world. British citizens accepted exit from the European Union in 2016, and the United Kingdom officially exited the EU on January 31, 2020.

Study in United Kingdom: Languages Spoken

There are 14 different languages spoken in the United Kingdom. English has the maximum number of speakers.  One might be surprised to hear that English is not the country’s official language. However, it is the de facto language of the United Kingdom since it is the primary language of about 92 percent of the people.

Scots is the second most common language after English. Welsh is the most widely spoken language after Scots, with 560,000 speakers. Welsh is the only legally recognized language of the United Kingdom. There are a few additional small indigenous languages. 


In a country where the popular food is Indian curry and people drive on the right side of the track, you might be amazed by the culture of the United Kingdom. The British society has been shaped by a blend of different nations, including its historically Christian faith life, contact with European cultures, the customs of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, and the effects of the British Empire. While British culture is unique, the communities of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are diverse, with differing degrees of overlap and uniqueness. Art and literature have also played important roles in the development of UK society. 

Study in United Kingdom: Important Facts

  • You must be is surprised to know that the first postage stamp was made in the United Kingdom in May 1840, and was named Penny Black.

  • Did you know that Windsor Castle is the world’s oldest royal house currently in use by the royal household?

  • Tea has been the most common drink in the United Kingdom. The UK is estimated to consume 165 million cups of tea. The amusing thing here is that tea intake in the United States is 20 times less.

  • Heathrow Airport in London is the largest on the European continent.

  • The University of Oxford is the UK’s largest higher education college. Until 1877, the university’s lecturers were not permitted to marry. The country is home to the best universities in UK for international students.

  • The traditional food in the United Kingdom is roast beef and Yorkshire beef, but the British have chosen Chicken Tikka to be their national dish. The Chicken Tikka is a traditional Indian dish.

  • Soccer, rugby, cricket, and golf are the most popular sports. Many of these sports are claimed to have originated in the United Kingdom. Golf is said to have been discovered in 1457. The oldest golf course in the world is located in St Andrews, Scotland.
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