How to Leave Your Small Town Comfort Zone?

June 25, 2021

studying overseas

People prefer studying overseas for a variety of purposes. Who doesn’t like the thought of going on an adventure after all? Traveling, doing different things, meeting new people, and knowing about new cultures are all fantastic aspects of visiting another country. But most of these advantages share one thing in common: they force you to come out of your safe space and into the unknown.

Many students are keen for a change of pace in their lives and desire to study abroad. It sounds fancy but living the experience in real-time can be daunting at the best of times. One of the biggest factors being that you are continually living outside of your comfort zone.

You take these feelings of comfort for granted, but when you travel internationally, you are basically beginning from scratch, looking for a place to settle, people to make friends with, adjusting to a new city or state, and trying to have fun! This can be really tough to adjust to, and whether you’re feeling homesick or lost, you’re not alone.

Read on to find out ways to settle in as you transition from your comfort zone to an entirely new experience!

Open Up to New Studying Overseas Experiences

An experience that requires you to exit your comfort zone on a routine basis, makes the anxiety of being in a foreign environment, being unfamiliar, and not knowing the environment around you is absolutely natural. Adjusting to this scenario will help you feel more at ease with new encounters. Overcoming challenges that make you nervous on a daily basis would give you trust in the abilities to navigate the unfamiliar and manage yourself in uncertain circumstances.

When you step beyond your comfort zone, you make the decision to give up some comfort in order to evolve, learn something new, or do something unique. The capacity to adapt to different situations or routines is similar to a muscle. I can put this better by saying you become more adaptable and confident in exploring an uncharted terrain as you gain more practice and knowledge.

Start Out Small

For much of our lives, we’ve all stared at people sitting alone in a diner and felt sorry for them because they didn’t have someone to talk to. Your whole outlook will change after studying overseas. Eating alone in a cafeteria is both exciting and calming. It may be frightening to step in alone, and you would most likely feel uneasy. Trust me when I say that it would all be worth it when you get to experience some delicious food and time to people-watch.

studying overseas

Build Relationships While Studying Overseas

Build the courage to bring yourself out and not be scared to say what you think. Anyone considering studying overseas should encourage themselves to get out of their comfort zone. Take advantage of opportunities that you might not have in your home country. Don’t be scared to speak to anyone you don’t know, especially because you don’t share a common language or are afraid of embarrassing yourself.

Travel and enjoy the surroundings.

Learn all you can whether it’s how to prepare a roasted duck or how to properly greet someone in a foreign language. Whatever the immediate outcome, each move you take abroad would help you grow.

studying overseas

Respect the New Culture

When you study abroad, you come across people from all over the world who are just as ambitious, inspired, and enthusiastic as you are. International students may make acquaintances and peers from a diverse variety of cultural and social backgrounds and it is at this point where you not only understand more about new traditions, but you also begin to appreciate diversity.

It’s not that people don’t value diversity in general, but the real value of diversity can only be appreciated when people from different countries and societies come together in the same setting. It also helps you build a solid network, which can come in handy later in your career.

Turn New Experiences into Learnings

There’s always plenty to discover, whether you’re trying local delicacies or participating in a cultural festival at your college. You’re not only discovering more about yourself when you step outside of your comfort zone; you’re also learning how society functions and how to expand your network in a different society.

Think if you can make a difference, no matter how great or tiny, because you’ll feel more inspired to try a new talent or do something you’ve never tried before. It’s essential to view the city or experience with an open mindset. Studying overseas will help you become more open-minded, and your personality and ability to challenge yourself can affect how open you are to fresh ideas and making friends along the way! 

Think of the Benefits of Studying Overseas

Studying overseas provides an unfathomable number of benefits. For starters, it teaches students how to deal with issues that are outside of their comfort zones. It allows students to study in an institution that engages them in courses that use a variety of methodologies and materials.

Final Word

Many people consider being outside of their comfort zone to be a downside to living abroad. However, it is a significant benefit.

  • It boosts your trust and outgoingness

  • Makes you more empathetic

  • Pushes more likely to take chances

Know that your dubious feelings will pass, and you can finally relax into your new world, and have another safe space that you can call home, and it will all be worth it because of what you’ve achieved. A bubble of loving and supportive friends is what holds you focused on the larger picture, and that is what makes you feel cozy and at ease with your daily life. If you pay attention to these aspects of your life when studying abroad, you will be on the road to success in no time, and you will be eager to revisit the country when your studies are over!

Remember, life starts at the end of your comfort zone.

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With her expertise in the study abroad space, Shreya has worked closely with EdTech leaders like Unacademy, upGrad, Shiksha, and CollegeDunia. She knows her way around words, both written and spoken, which is also her strongest suit. A passionate learner and a mentor, she is often found passing her knowledge to young minds.
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