Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

July 9, 2021

Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors? Let me give you some context setting. So, an Educational Consultant is a specialist that gives counseling to students and families to help them select a university, college, or other program that will foster the student’s academic and social development. Individual focus, firsthand understanding of several educational programs, and the time to discover all of the possibilities can be provided by educational consultants to a student and family.

Educational Consultants through their intimate understanding of overseas educations and institutions extend the possible options and offer critical assistance in considering factors such as expense, place, and curriculum. Students and families can consider a broader range of solutions and engage in constructive discussions with an experienced educational consultant. Nowadays, study abroad aspirants are most likely to use the expertise of consultants or a conventional overseas education contractor (or counselor).

So, what makes them different, and what should you choose? Let us understand in detail.

Independent Admission Consultants

Independent admission advisors (consultants) charge fees from the aspirants and act in the student’s best interests to position him or her in the best-fit university depending on their unique skills, profiles, and future expectations. Independent consultants do not have contracts with universities and do not receive a fee from the institution or college for student enrollment.

Overseas Education Consultants

An overseas education consultant is skilled in assisting students in hassle-free application or paperwork delivery. Students should contact an education consultancy firm to learn more about their chosen course, university, or country.

Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

Independent consultants frequently have more one-on-one opportunities to dedicate to students. They devote additional time to getting to know an applicant early on, which aids in leading them through choosing extracurricular activities and testing themselves with academic opportunities that can potentially improve their application.

Independent advisors also devote their effort to directing students on their college applications and essays. However, they do not get to be a part of a student’s overseas education atmosphere because many facets of the classroom environment explicitly factor into students’ college process.

A student’s overseas education counselor may submit a letter of reference to check out the overseas education summary as part of their college application. Those two factors have an overall view of a student’s academic performance in the sense of their secondary education, as this is how admissions committees can reliably assess how good the rigor of a student’s curriculum is and how they’ve performed. Since educational institutions consider candidates in the light of their learning setting and require students to take benefit and excel in what was available in high school, this component of a student’s application is critical to recognize where they stand academically.

Contextual Reference

Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors: An overseas counselor clarifies a student’s history, narrative, any individual or academic difficulties they have faced, or just their overall day-to-day outlook in their letter of recommendation which completes the story the student tells on their part of the application process.

However, an independent counselor cannot perform either of these activities since they are not affiliated with the student’s higher education and therefore cannot complete a high school report or compose a recommendation letter on their behalf. That’s why it is important to get to know the overseas education advisor so that they appreciate your story and can explain who you really are to educational institutions.

Balanced College Lists

Overseas education consultants offer a unique view about how applicants from overseas education have done at different universities and colleges over the years. It is one thing to consider the aggregate characteristics of the kinds of students accepted to a particular college, but it is quite different to have links to the admissions decisions taken by multiple students from a high school over the span of years.

Independent admissions consultants when advising high school students individually, often encourage them to get a read on their opportunities at educational institutions from their seniors. So, in addition to their experience about what might have occurred in previous years, an overseas education consultant might have a very good relationship with a certain college that the student is unaware of.

The experience of an overseas education counselor can both help the students and outside consultants to consider how the student’s application will appear contextually, which makes everyone appreciate what the student’s prospects at a college might be. This is the most effective method for developing a well-balanced listing of colleges with reasonable aspirations.

Advocating on Behalf of Students

Another little-known reality is that an overseas education counselor may be willing to advocate for a pupil in one of their top preference campuses. This is not necessarily feasible, although certain overseas educational institutions will consider a call from a counselor to address incoming students from their high school education to explain some details for admissions representatives.

Normally, a counselor might not be able to pull someone in who wasn’t somewhat successful, but if a college was unaware of what kind of a good pick a candidate was, the knowledge might be really useful to the institution. An overseas education counselor may also assist with answering any concerns a college might have about a student’s profile or application. Why not reap the benefits of some additional help you might get? So get to understand your counselor and discuss your resumes and colleges of interest. Tell your counselor about your top priorities without a doubt!

Final Thoughts: Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

There is no such thing as right or wrong. It all rests on your goals, checklist of universities, and financial situation. Spending 0.5 – 1.5% of your estimated cost on application review is generally not a bad thing. However, working with an accomplished, open, and ethical study abroad consultant will easily save you a few thousand or a handful of lacs rupees.

Not all independent admissions consultants will get you access to top colleges. But, an independent admissions consultant would still assist you with getting into the best institution available. Similarly, overseas education counselors will assist you with getting to your destination without so many complications. However, the bulk of consultants/agents would put the commission ahead of the applicant’s future. 

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Independent Admissions Consultants vs Overseas Education Counselors

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