Study a Language Abroad: Guide to a Linguistic Adventure

June 26, 2021

Study a Language Abroad

There is always a vacancy for someone who can help overcome the language barrier between people, perhaps more than ever. The opportunities and tools to study a language abroad are much more accessible now than in the past. There are several online foreign language courses that allow learning to talk another language open to all and versatile enough to work into your busy schedule.

The adventure of learning a foreign language is one of the most exciting and enriching experiences an individual may have. Some individuals consider the feeling of fulfillment and the resulting broadened outlook to be the most important element they took away from their overseas study journey.

Studying abroad helps you learn a language. We’ll look at why you must learn a language when studying abroad and how to ensure you master it. After all, attending university is a lot more enjoyable when you have someone to speak to once you reach there!

Study a Language Abroad: Opportunity to Speak to More People

After all, isn’t this the reason that more people choose to learn a second language? When you can communicate with people in their native tongue, you strengthen bonds and build relationships. Learn a foreign language and you will have the opportunity to have multidimensional friendships, expanded job prospects, thrilling travel experiences, and greater perspectives into how others view the world around them. Though English has become the world’s lingua franca, studying a foreign language (or two) expands possibilities for connection and opens the door to the many advantages of bilingualism.

Study a Language Abroad: Booster to One’s Self-Confidence

Learning a foreign language makes us happier because it allows us to broaden our knowledge and move toward a goal. An analysis of several studies undertaken by researchers at various universities has found strong proof that studying a new language improves self-esteem and self-efficacy. Another survey found that 80 percent of learners of all age groups recorded a positive effect on at least one of the following:

  • Their love of life
  • Their personality
  • How they feel about themselves
  • Their satisfaction in other aspects of life
  • Their capacity to deal with everyday problems
Study a Language Abroad

Study a Language Abroad: Become More Employable

Learning a foreign language is a perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd. When society becomes increasingly globalized, a company’s appetite for language speakers grows as they extend operations into new locations.

As a result, these businesses demand language speakers to meet the needs of their global customers. When you talk the very same language as someone, it is far simpler to establish a bond with them. If you share the same language, you will simply communicate with them on a much more intimate level and break down language barriers. Learning a foreign language also has financial benefits.

A multilingual person is said to gain 8% more in comparison to a monolingual peer.

Study a Language Abroad: Enhance Cultural Awareness

What is more significant is the impact of learning a language on you as an individual. After all, you will not always be someone’s employee, and you’ll retire someday, but you’ll always be an individual. You have a plethora of opportunities to develop, learn, and become a better global citizen. You are more likely to find a coworker or acquaintance whose first language is not English and if you are a totally different language native, learning a new language trains you for this.

Travel Becomes More Fun

It’s really exciting when individuals use their linguistic skills to establish cross-cultural friendships. If it’s using their Spanish on a beach in Mexico to make sandcastles with new friends, or conversing with locals in Mandarin while riding the bus from Shanghai to Beijing – speaking the language gives you access to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have – and creates memories for a lifetime. Learning a different language as a student allows you to profit from more rewarding and fulfilling travel opportunities for the rest of your life.

Now that you are fully aware of the benefits of learning a foreign language, let us take a quick glance at the cost of learning for the same.

Every educational structure is unique. Certain universities do not charge much for studying at a public university, while others charge exorbitant rates. Furthermore, tuition rates vary for public and private higher education establishments. Despite the fact that European unification is progressing, tuition rates differ greatly by region.

Universities in the United Kingdom, for example, seem to be trailing in the footsteps of universities in the United States and Australia, where tuition rates have skyrocketed in recent years. The amount you would pay is therefore heavily influenced by your place of citizenship. There are some countries where you can learn the language of choice for a minimum sum of money or absolutely no fee at all.

Study a Language Abroad

Germany: The country’s higher education infrastructure is well-regarded, and, most significantly, tuition is free. You only have to pay a semester charge ranging between €100 (or £75) to €250 (or £185), which includes administrative expenses as well as other expenses. Life in Germany is also reasonably inexpensive in comparison to other countries.

Spain: A program in Spain is comparatively inexpensive for both EU/EEA and international students. A year of study at a public university would cost you around €680 (or £505) and €1,280 (or £950). Students in the Spanish educational system are charged per credit. A credit for a Bachelor’s degree lies between €9 (or £7) and €16 (or £12).

Finland: Finland is one of the most affordable choices for students looking to enroll in Nordic countries. Tuition fees for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Finland are waived for all applicants, regardless of origin.

Concluding Thoughts

Are you still wondering if mastering a foreign language is worthwhile? Definitely, it is! It is in truth, much greater than you might imagine! Studying abroad helps you learn a language. Learning a foreign language not only helps you to get a successful job or study overseas, but it is also highly helpful for your mental stability, cognitive skills, and overall life satisfaction. But that’s just the start!

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With her expertise in the study abroad space, Shreya has worked closely with EdTech leaders like Unacademy, upGrad, Shiksha, and CollegeDunia. She knows her way around words, both written and spoken, which is also her strongest suit. A passionate learner and a mentor, she is often found passing her knowledge to young minds.
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