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June 23, 2021

Welcome to the new way of accessing the world’s educational institutions, recruiters, and service providers. empowers students, recruiters, and institutions by providing tools, expertise, and support to optimize the operations in the process of studying abroad in the most efficient and student-oriented way.

What is is a Norwegian Edtech company that aims to revolutionize the way students go about their study abroad journey by digitizing the application process. Digitizing for us means without compromising on the support of the human element. is the brainchild of our founder and COO, Mr. Harinder Singh Aulakh who has always dreamt of contributing and supporting students who wish to pursue an international education, had been developing in the back of his mind since 2005 and the CEO and co-founder of, Mr. Pål Kvalheim who previously co-founded a successful green-tech start-up Airtight, managed the corporate affairs, communication, and group brand functions as part of the Group Executive Management of Telenor Group. In August 2018, came into existence and since then we have assisted over 20,000+ students from more than 50+ countries.

Our mission is simple yet very aspirational which is to give students and recruiters a trusted platform that solves complex problems of the international student recruitment industry. It is not just a platform but is a casket of endless support in the form of an all-in-one technology platform that democratizes access to international education. 

Three words that best describe are ease of use, transparency, and end-to-end support.

We help educational institutions to diversify their campus by leveraging the ability to attract students from all over the world, without relying too heavily on any one country. We reduce the time wasted on the search of vetted recruiters or qualified students with our forthright thorough document screening and verification process.

Students are the heart of our mission. 

This is why we are an all-in-one platform that streamlines the entire study abroad experience, from education counseling, admission, student loans, scholarships, student accommodation to employment.

What are the Different Types of Services Available on is all about providing students, recruiters, and institutions with a wide range of services. Here are the types of services that one can expect to find on our platform – 

For Students takes care of everything from offer letters, application, admission, and visa processing for students in the most effective and efficient way.

  • Admission: Students can monitor their applications, the timeline of the entire process, and get in touch with application executives from their dashboard.

  • The Scholarship: Students get a guaranteed scholarship of up to $2000 and admission in an institute and course of their choice.

  • No Application Fee: We charge no application fee from students. You get a 100% refund on the application fee upon successful enrollment.  

  • Discounts from Authorized Partners: Students get product discounts on PCs, insurance mobiles, health clubs, and many more from our partners. 

  • Visa Lodgement: Student visas are lodged by our team of lawyers, and students need not pay anything extra for it.

  • Scholarship and Discount Catalogue: Students get access to a clear and transparent system with details of what scholarships and offers they are eligible for.

  • Fastest Application Processing: Students can search, compare, shortlist and apply to courses in less than 5 minutes.

  • Assurance: Our proven and well-defined work processes, routines, and shortest possible time frame at each phase of a student’s application eliminate any unnecessary delays.

  • Expert Access: Students get 24/7 access to education and visa experts.

  • Work Opportunities: We help students to connect with numerous employers for work while they study. Students are eligible to get job offers from big industry players. 

  • PR Assistance: Our lawyers help students in the permanent residency process.

For Recruiters takes care of everything for recruiters from document screening, verification, financial due diligence, application, admission, and visa processing for easier and faster recruitment.

  • Maximum and Advanced Commission: Recruiters earn the highest commission without any extra effort and receive their commission in advance.

  • Quick Commission Payout (QCP): Recruiters can get their commission paid in just 1 week from visa approval.

  • Volume Bonuses: Recruiters receive bonuses offered for recruiting a big number of students with the same institution.

  • Visa Lodgement: We reduce costs and eliminate visa refusal. Our team of lawyers helps you get your student visas lodged.

  • Revenue Calculator: With the help of a revenue calculator, recruiters can calculate the commission rate as per the destination region.

  • Scholarships and Offers: Get more conversion and revenue with access to updated scholarships and offer information.

  • Applicant Matching: Maximise lead conversion by matching a student’s credentials with course eligibility requirements.

  • Expert Access: Ensure increased lead conversion with full-time access to education and visa experts.

  • Universal Application: Only use one application for multiple institutions. Recruiters can see a full overview and updates of all applications from a single student profile.

  • Shortest Application Time: Recruiters can compare, shortlist and apply to courses in just a few clicks.

  • No Delays: Our proven and well-defined work processes, routines, and shortest turnaround times eliminate any unnecessary delays.

  • Management: Recruiters can stay up to date and have access to documents, status, and notifications from a 360-degree centralized CRM.

  • Team Performance: You can keep track of your team performance, conversion rates by filtering according to the team member, department, and more.

  • Financial Performance: Recruiters can remain up to date with cash inflows, secured and potential earnings, and quick commission payouts.

  • Operational KPIs: Take advantage of operational KPIs such as the number of students by application stage, and institute.

For Institutions scales and diversifies campuses and gives them access to global and vetted recruitment partners.

  • Quality Compliance: Institutions can reduce unproductive time on fraud and unqualified applications with’s upfront rigorous document screening and verification process.

  • Applicant Matching: Our qualified and experienced experts match student qualifications and ensure only eligible students apply.

  • Document and Financial Due Diligence: We perform rigorous financial capability checks on every application to ensure a smooth and time-saving enrollment process both for an institution and an applicant.

  • Webinars and Conferences: Reach to a wider audience with your institute and courses through webinars and conferences supported by us.

  • Marketing and Promotions: Target your desired source countries with marketing campaigns and promotions to scale your recruitment.

  • Recruitment Partner Sourcing and Compliance: Grow your partner network with global and vetted recruitment partners without any cost and administrative work.

  • Trend Analysis and Reports: Track progress and comprehend enrollment patterns in specific courses, recruitment partners, and geographies.

  • Conversion Funnels: You can visualize and map the flow of applicants in each course and identify barriers that cause them to leave before reaching a conversion point.

  • Channel Partner Management: Our all-in-one platform reduces the significant cost of resources to manage recruitment partners individually.

  • Showcase offerings: We make your offers count with branded, unique, and selling content to send to recruitment partners and students.

  • Course Listing Management: We help you get rid of tedious data entries to upload the course catalog or to update it.

How Does it Work?

Transparency and simplicity are what is built upon. Being an extensive student recruitment marketplace, we strive to help students subsidize the hassle of studying abroad by giving them access to some of the most essential aspects of the journey.

If you are interested in getting admission to an institution abroad on the website, here’s how you do it – 

Let us know you

Visit and enter basic information like name, email id, gender, marital status, and date of birth. 

Explore programs

Our program finder on the student dashboard will prompt a list of what programs you wish to study and also your target country. You can then explore more than 100,000+ programs from all over the world, compare and shortlist your favorite programs and check which ones match your credentials.


Once you have shortlisted your ideal program(s), you can apply without spending any money in only a few clicks and 3-4 minutes of time. Expect confirmation from for every successful application.  

And that’s it! It’s that simple!

If you are interested in getting onboarded as a recruiter on the website, here’s how you do it – 

Visit and enter basic information like company name, number of employees, your origin country, state and city, and address. 

You can find students, student applications, commission structure, manage your team and more on the recruiter dashboard.

Make sure to check out our website today! 

With her expertise in the study abroad space, Shreya has worked closely with EdTech leaders like Unacademy, upGrad, Shiksha, and CollegeDunia. She knows her way around words, both written and spoken, which is also her strongest suit. A passionate learner and a mentor, she is often found passing her knowledge to young minds.
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